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Godchildren and Christmas

Posted in Everyday by Witt on November 29, 2009

How important to us Filipinos is the concept of “Ninong” and “Ninang” (Godparents)? What does it mean? And its association with Christmas?

Customarily, this time of the season is the point where we (only) remember our Godchildren. Notice the parentheses. Like what I did. I made my list and got to thirteen (13), six boys and seven girls. Ranging from ages 1-12. But I actually attended the baptisms of just five. Am I a bad Godfather for that?

For a certain period, I was an extravagant “Ninong”. Going out my way to personally pick out costly gifts. It was hell difficult to keep up. Every year, besting your previous Christmas goodies was tough. Kids these days remember all too well. In the age of massive information in multiple media formats, the young ones are equipped with the knowledge and skills unlike any generations have gone before. Like what they say, elephants remember. And the kids of the 2000’s are today’s elephants.

The last three Christmases, I became lethargic. Cash. Cash. Cash. All I handed out was Cash. I once thought that my Godkids would like to get something they really like and not the ones I gave. Pragmatism is always welcome in my book.

But is this the essence of being a Godfather? Christmases and birthdays. The one called next-in-line if something unexpected happens to the parents (knock twice on wood)?

We are the luckiest people in the world. Family and friends entrusted the care of their children to you. It is an absolute honor to be chosen. All these statements may be considered true if the parents truly and faithfully know why they chose you over the other.

Age defines your role to your Godchildren. When you all grow mature, as your Godfather, I say: come to me IF you want an opinion on what course to take in college; come to me IF you have problems you couldn’t bring up to your mom or dad; come to me IF you want to break an addiction; come to me IF you impregnate somebody or get pregnant; come to me IF you accidentally shot someone; come to me IF you are heart-broken; come to me IF worse comes to worst; come to me IF . . .

I will show you why your father and mother chose me.

8:56am, 29 November 2009.

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