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Posted in Everyday, Tech by Witt on December 19, 2009

A few of hours ago, my mom, my sister and I were doing some holiday shopping at Shoppesville, a popular “tiangge” (bazaar) in Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila. It was expected that loads of people will be there being it’s a Saturday and Christmas is fast coming, and still there are some who hasn’t done their holiday shopping yet. We decided to split-up so we can find what we are looking for faster and to finish up early. I went on my own while Tinay accompanied mom. I got to this t-shirt shop which I like and picked up a couple of shirts. One for me and the other as a gift. Both ended up as gifts, I got it one size smaller 😦 Went to V-Mall next, a mall adjacent to Shoppesville, a nice place where you can get cheap electronics and other gadgets. I got my Xbox 360 here, a STEAL if I may say so, for it is an awesome machine! Gift it for Christmas and your loved one will love you more for it 🙂

Anyway, I started window-shopping. Had no plans of getting something there, just wanna see what’s new. But this X-Mini 2 made me think.

Sounds nice for its size!

I take it this speaker system came out less than a year ago. Much better than its predecessor. Costs only P1,600. Perfect fit for my iPod Touch 1st Gen. I’ll think about it some more.

After ogling at some nifty gadgets, I went back to the “tiangge”. An odd man caught my attention, he was carrying a paper bag on his left hand and was following a couple who were looking left & right at the clothes area. My first instinct was snatcher. I was right. I tried to follow the guy around for awhile. I think he noticed my presence, we even exchanged a stare for a second. He walked faster and left his prey. I saw him a few meters ahead talking to someone, as if telling me to back off for he has company. I periscoped the area and he was not kidding, there were at least 3 more men with him. Now they’re all looking at me. My phone rang, it was Tinay. She told me if I could get her big bag from the car and take it to her at her friend’s shop on the 2nd floor. While I was talking to my sister, it happened. It was swift. The guy bumped into his prey intentionally, said sorry and got the money from the poor guy’s right front pocket. If all of the bills were in P1,000 denomination, I believe it’s worth more than P10K. I paused my talking cause I was in shock. My sister even said on the phone, “Naiintindihan mo ba ang sinasabi ko?” (“Do you understand what I’m saying?”) In my head, millions of calculations occurred. Will I or not? I felt I had an obligation to intervene but I didn’t. The call ended. The group of snatchers were gone. The poor guy didn’t know what just happened.

I hesitated because I didn’t know the enemy. They’re exact number? What weapons they do or don’t have? Will I get help from the other people around? And so on . . .

As for the poor guy, I think it’s half his fault. Never withdraw money from an ATM in a very crowded place. That makes you an easy target.

10:59pm, 19 December 2009.

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