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Palm Beach Pedicure

Posted in Everyday by Witt on January 2, 2010

Love your feet.

Today, my uncle and his family came for a visit. After lunch, me and Kuya Totoy, my uncle, began our small talk over a couple of San Mig Lights. I think he got that name because he was the youngest of the family and we, his nephews and nieces called him “Kuya”. Hence, the name. Anyhow, I ate my face out. From pepperoni pizza to buttered popcorn. Name it, I ate it. Sometimes, I hate it when there’s too much leftovers from the New Year’s Eve feast. Hate food going to waste. Four bottles or so, we called it a day. They left for our aunt’s place in the next village, where they will stay for the night. I, on the other hand, took a shower since I haven’t yet 🙂

Got out of the shower. I checked my phone and saw a missed call. It was Abbie. I returned the call immediately. She was irritated, about her iPhone having data charges issues and other things she needs to do for her cousin’s wedding the next day. She ended the call. I continued on getting dressed and called her again. This time I insisted if I could lend her my hand. Left the house for her place as soon as I can.

We got to SM Sta. Rosa at around 8:30pm. First thing, we scheduled for a foot spa and pedicure, for the wedding tomorrow. Soon after, we went to Netopi@, an internet cafe, to have the missalette of the wedding printed. Her mom is the commentator of the liturgical ceremony.

Printing done. We went back to nail.a.holics, a nail salon, where we’re scheduled to have foot spa and pedicure. That’s right, “we’re”. I don’t usually go have my feet pedicured. It has been awhile, so. She had the Water Drift Spa Pedicure (P420) and I got the Palm Beach Pedicure (P220). Classy names, same shit. In fairness to them, my feet didn’t get murdered. No blood today. A bit pricey for me though.

We ended the night with Kowloon House take-out. Cheap and tasty siopao. Nice.

11:23pm, 2 January 2010.

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