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Inglourious Basterds

Posted in Everyday by Witt on January 24, 2010

I am one Inglourious Basterd. I bought a bootleg copy of the film Inglourious Basterds and saw it at home on my Xbox 360 which is doubling its purpose, since the DVD player was out of commission.

Courtesy of the Weinstein Company

The film was classic Quentin Tarantino. Episodes, character history & introductions, not-over-the-top-gore-just-right, gritty and most of all FUNNY! Plus the scenes where Lt. Aldo Raine, portrayed by Brad Pitt, marks the foreheads of Nazis with their emblem, it was reminiscent of the trunk shots which are staples in any Tarantino film.  The cast were superb. The Screen Actor’s Guild was right on to choose them as the Best Ensemble in a Movie of the year. Christoph Waltz’s Col. Hans Landa was a standout and after having won the Best Supporting Actor for both the Golden Globes and SAG, he is a definite shoo-in for the Academy Award come March. To cap it off, the King of Cool, Mr. Samuel L. Jackson did some narrating in the film.

Verdict: OWN IT!

7:37pm, 24 January 2010.

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