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John, Yoko and Red Mango

Posted in Everyday, Food by Witt on January 8, 2010

Tonight, we decided to treat ourselves to some fine dining. Fine for me is having somebody to order around.


John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese, a Japanese (obviously) restaurant located at the 2nd level in Greenbelt 5, one of the more posh malls in Metro Manila. Normally, you have to wait to be seated but we got there early, around 6ish. Abbie ordered the Tendon and California Rolls, I got the Wagyu Bacon Rice and Salmon Sashimi. For starters, the Salmon Sashimi was exquisite! Perfect big slices and ultra soft salmon, it literally liquefies in your teeth and mouth. The California Rolls were so-so. The entree, Wagyu Bacon Rice was good, too oily though, as well as the Tendon. Moderately large-sized shrimps were okay. Overall, good food. However, it was a little expensive. I say, eat there to celebrate something.

After our early dinner, we headed to Greenbelt 3 to see a movie. The tickets for the 7:50 showing of Avatar are sold out. Skipped the movie and went to Red Mango instead.

Choose your poison.

For dessert, we both picked a medium size original flavor fro-yo. She had the chocolate chip toppings, I had the blueberries. Fro-yo was delectable. Yummy! Red Mango is situated at the 4th level of Greenbelt 3, near the cinemas.

11:54pm, 8 January 2010.

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