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Posted in Trips by Witt on January 10, 2010

Taken three years ago at Puerto Princesa City

I’ve been to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan numerous times. Yet I haven’t really seen the beauty of this bustling city in the middle of a vast rain forest. All work, no play. Though I thank my work, if not for it I wouldn’t be able to see Palawan. Of all twenty-four, city and municipalities, I’ve missed just eight. Most of these are island municipalities and are very difficult to get to during rainy season.

Taytay, Palawan

One trip I had lasted for more than a week. We were doing inspection work and we have to visit all the city and municipalities of Palawan. The team was split into two to cover the whole province at lesser time. The other half of the team got the island municipalities where the best beaches and resorts are. Lucky bastards! My team on the other hand, got the main island including Puerto Princesa City and farthest ones, Balabac and Cagayancillo. From the main island it will take you eight hours on a boat to get to Balabac, and seventeen to Cagayancillo. So I guess we got the bad deal. Anyhow, the experience was phenomenal. I would never return to those places but I can say I’ve been there and returned ALIVE. Then again, never say never.

17-hour trip on this from Roxas to Cagayancillo

Funny story. In one of the places we visited, Quezon, an acquaintance gave me a Myna. They had it delivered to where we’re staying in Puerto Princesa City. It was a beautiful bird, maybe a week old when I got it. You had to feed it with your fingers as if you were the mother feeding its young with her beak. When we were set to leave Palawan, I decided to take it back to Manila, which is illegal by the way. I emptied a big bag of potato chip and had the bird placed in it. I instructed our aide to get some cough syrup (Loviscol)  to help the bird sleep. This slightly slow aide got the wrong medicine, he bought a vitamin (Clusivol). So the bird ended up drugged like she was on meth. Therefore, I can’t take a noisy bird on a plane. Eventually, the bird went to the care of the dumb aide instead 😀

I’m putting my foot down, I will go back to Palawan and see all its glory in this lifetime.

10:32pm, 10 January 2010.

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