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The Blacksmith

Posted in Everyday by Witt on January 26, 2010

Once upon a time, around the 16th century, lived a young blacksmith with enormous potential and full of innovative ideas. A perfectionist in his craft but has this weakness, he cannot get to their shop on time. The master blacksmith, though the master title doesn’t really suit him, and owner of the shop, depended heavily on the skilled young fellow. Even for a simple resharpening and rebuffing of an old sabre, he still enlists the help of the young apprentice. The master has become fully dependent on the young talent to the point where he takes in more jobs they obviously can not handle,  just to prove that his shop is the best there is. Sadly, when the job is done, he takes most of the credit.

One time, the king called upon the best blacksmiths in his kingdom. He wants to have a new sword for the upcoming jousting festivities. The young blacksmith was summoned to the detest of the master. The king have heard good things about the young talent. He said to the lad, “I want a sword that would reach the far ends of my kingdom.” The young blacksmith’s eyes lighted up like a Christmas tree. He was excited of this new challenge before him. He went to work as soon as possible.

Days and weeks have passed. The sword was finally finished. He unveiled his masterpiece before the king. As he unsheathed the mighty sword, the king was struck in complete awe. Never has he seen such a beautiful creation in his lifetime, he was euphoric. As a reward, the king bestowed upon the young blacksmith the finest anvil in all of his kingdom. Made from the foremost metals the world over. He shall also receive his own shop and apprentice. The gifts made the young lad proud. With these new tools, the future for this young talent is boundless.

11:05pm, 26 January 2010.

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Posted in Everyday by Witt on January 5, 2010

Watch check: 6:12am. It’s the second workday of the year twenty-ten and my service to work, the shuttle bus of Sandiganbayan, is not available, again. My dad used to hitch a ride with the same shuttle when he was still working in Quezon City. When I transferred to Makati, I tried it out. It regularly leaves Pacita at around 6am. A little early, also a lot cheaper 🙂 My brother’s friend’s father is the bus manager. That is why I had the luxury of its services even though I am not connected with Sandiganbayan. They said the shuttle will be out till Thursday. Bummer!

I took the public utility bus this morning. I used to love riding public buses. During my college years, I took the bus everyday. I remember one time, on my way to school, the bus left the terminal at capacity. As it usually is. While crusin’ by Biñan, we picked up some more passengers. Bus stop by bus stop. Therefore, they’re packing the bus like a can of sardines. A young lady, a working girl, stood by my seat. Not because she wanted to but because there was nowhere else to go. As the bus moved along, she asked me if she could sit on my arm rest. I offered my seat instead but she insisted that the latter was fine. So she did. She was fine by the way. In her bank uniform, short skirt, of course. Her scent, Clinique Happy, placed me in a state of trance. That was the best bus ride of my teen years.

Today’s a different story. The bus got full as we went along the adjacent subdivisions in our area. Two men came up. The first, an office dude, by the look of his polo barong, he took the floor by the driver. The second, clutched a small ragged backpack with a demeanor of a construction worker, he chose to stand by my seat. See, I’m a big guy. So I take space and my shoulders most of the time stretches out of the bus seats. Imagine this, of all the length of the bus’ aisle, why did this dude choose that particular spot? Add to it that my left shoulder is protruding outward to the aisle from the narrow seat. The guy was conveniently leaning on me. Plus he wreaked the stench of cement. It could have been okay if I were headed home. But I’m not. I hated it. But if it were my seatmate from the previous paragraph, who am I to complain?

By the way, I wrote this blog as it was happening. Listening to Soundgarden who in fact are reuniting after twelve years. Yey!

Got off the bus at Buendia bus stop. Watch check: 7:24am.

9:27pm, 5 January 2010.

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